Corporate HR services

We take great pride in building and maintaining a reputation as trusted experts in corporate HR services

We navigate UK immigration rules and procedures with you

If you are concerned about whether you currently comply with UK employment legislation or are having trouble navigating immigration rules and procedures, we can assess the available options and determine what is required or the viable alternatives. With the potential implications of UK Brexit decisions upon settlement statuses, indefinite leave to remain, residency and citizenship, this has never been more important. This is just one of the many corporate HR services we offer.

We support you to be responsible, successful employers

We provide a comprehensive array of corporate HR services to support you in assessing how best you can develop and benefit from your workforce. This ranges from the design and review of employment contract terms to employment law consultancy, from performance measurement strategy and processes to pension advice. We also conduct salary-benchmarking reviews and provide expatriate policy and administration.

We deliver expert practical advice and help you achieve compliance and cost efficiencies

We offer a full suite of professional expertise and advisory services in areas such as compliance, accreditation and UK shadow payroll to organisations of all sizes and across all industry sectors. Much of this work relieves your burden and ensures the most efficient, compliant and streamlined service is in place.

Harbour HR is ideally placed to offer all of these corporate HR services and more.


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