Indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship

Want to obtain indefinite leave to remain status? Unsure whether you should bother or can even apply? Need to progress an indefinite leave to remain status to full citizenship?

Want clarity on how to apply as the spouse of civil partner of a British citizen?

At Harbour HR we understand how confusing and complex the rules and criteria can be to apply for indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship. If you want to clarify what the appropriate steps would be for yourself, or on behalf of your employee, we can help. Our team of immigration specialists can assess your particular circumstances and help guide you through the process with tailored advice.

We can provide you with information on how and when to apply and the best route and actions to take. We can cover areas such as: what the criteria are, how to successfully qualify, how this impacts on your current visa and timings, what impact any absences from the UK could have on your continuous residence allowance during your qualification period, and what the Home Office Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK test entails – as well as any further specific information you may require.

Get in touch – and let us help you with your indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship needs.


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