International HR compliance

Need to ensure your organisation is fully compliant with the laws of the countries where your business operates? Want help to successfully manage the increasingly complex and challenging demands of legal and regulatory compliance when moving your employees across international borders?

Are you looking for the expertise and solutions to successfully manage the increasing challenge and demand of legal and regulatory compliance when moving your employees across international borders – many of which can multiply, escalate and impact across the entire organisation?

At Harbour HR we understand that to be successful and productive you need to deploy your people where you need them, quickly and at the right time. But whenever your employees step over a border, be it state-to-state or country-to-country, they can inadvertently create complexities and compliance risks for themselves or your organisation.

Full compliance is increasingly becoming the standard expectation and we know that if this is not well managed it can lead to myriad of issues such as – damaged reputation, bad press, financial penalties, a freeze or cancellation of funding programmes, higher tax liabilities, or cancellations of licences to hire or second. In the case of the UK, an organisation can risk receiving a fine of £20,000 per non-compliant employee, having the non-compliance issue publicly listed or even having their licence revoked. Effective, expert and proactive HR compliance advice and practical solutions are therefore fundamental in getting this right up front and first time.

We can help you navigate the complexities of international relocation compliance, ensuring no paperwork goes unfiled and no essential steps in the intricate process are overlooked. We offer a tailored service that can cover every element or part of the process – from pre-assignment and deployment phases through to activities such as the selection of individuals, cost estimates, to building efficient processes for mobilisation, and supporting the employee and their family through the relocation process – right up to their arrival in role and location.

We can review your current set up, highlight potential exposures and risks and make recommendations and implement solutions. Our consultants have expertise in areas such as taxation, social security, immigration requirements (such as work permits), corporate tax, insurance, contractual obligations, legal jurisdictions and duty of care.

Get in touch – and let us help you manage your international compliance risks.


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