International HR compliance

How do I ensure our organisation is fully compliant with the law and regulations of the countries where our business operates?

How do I successfully manage the complex and challenging demands of legal and regulatory compliance when moving our employees across international borders?

At Harbour HR we understand the importance of being able to quickly and effectively deploy talent around the globe to successfully meet business need. Whenever your employees’ step over a border, be it state-to-state or country-to-country, they can inadvertently create complexities and compliance risks for themselves or your organisation.

Understanding the ever changing HR compliance obligations of your global business operations is the key to staying compliant. HR regulatory policies are vast, dynamic, and differ from country to country. Incumbent policies frequently become obsolete and get replaced by newer regulations -you could be violating requirements and at risk, even before your organisation realises and incorporates changes.

Non-compliance can lead to a myriad of issues including reputational risk, financial penalties and liabilities, and cancellation of immigration related licenses which permit the right to work.
In the UK, an organisation can risk receiving a fine of £20k per non-compliant employee, having the non-compliance issue publicly listed, or even having their licence revoked. Effective, expert and proactive HR compliance advice and practical solutions are fundamental in getting this right.

Revisions to laws and changes to International Labour Standards can have a dramatic effect on your HR compliance if you are not prepared. We can help you navigate the complexities of international relocation requirements and reporting. We can review your current programme delivery, highlight potential exposure and any risk, provide recommendations and implement solutions.
Our consultants have expertise in taxation, social security, immigration (including visas and work permits), corporate tax, insurance, contractual obligations, legal jurisdictions and duty of care.

Get in touch – we can help you identify and manage your international compliance risks.


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