The new points-based system

Is this something I need to be aware of?

Will it affect me in the hiring of overseas nationals?

Do I need to act now?

It has been announced that as of 1st January 2021 a new points-based immigration system will be introduced where EU and non-EU citizens will be treated equally putting an end to the EU free movement rights.

Employers that are not currently approved Sponsor Licence holders to employ migrant workers should now consider applying for a licence. This will enable the company to sponsor migrant workers including EU nationals.

Becoming an approved Sponsor:

  1. The business must check they are eligible. 
  2. They must decide on the type of license they want to obtain – Tier 2 skilled workers with long term job offers, Tier 5 skilled temporary workers or both. 
  3. Appoint key staff who will manage the Sponsor Licence.
  4. Complete the relevant online form and pay the appropriate fee. 

The Home Office have also stated that they intend to start accepting applicants under the new points-based system from Autumn 2020, encouraging businesses to apply for their sponsor licence now so that they are in place before 1 January 2021. Owing to Covid 19, backlogs of applications will ensure that there will be inevitable delays in processing throughout the rest of this year. Employers should therefore be encouraged to submit Sponsor Licence Applications at the earliest point to avoid any continuity issues as the new immigration system comes into force.

We have a dedicated team who can assist you step by step through the Sponsor Licence application process and provide you with all the information your business needs to know to be ready for these changes.

Get in touch – we can help you clarify and act on your New Points Based System related immigration needs.

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Simon Higson

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