UK & Ireland shadow payroll solutions

How do I better manage compliance and create efficiencies in our employment taxes tracking and reporting?

How do I create more proactive solutions beyond the annual tax return?

How can I best manage our tax liabilities, avoid late payment penalties, multiple taxation and comply with monthly withholding and reporting requirements?

At Harbour HR we know that managing employment taxes currently represents one of the largest costs associated with moving staff across borders – typically, around a third of the total employment costs of an international employee. Tax authorities are increasingly looking to maximise revenues and placing growing emphasis on regular tax settlements. Improvements in technology have also enabled closer alignment between immigration and tax authorities, increasing the risk of inadvertent non-compliance being identified and penalties being imposed.

Shadow payroll is a specialist technical service we offer to help manage this. It enables you to proactively manage the UK and Ireland reporting and tax withholding obligations for an employee on assignment who is paid their salary in the host country payroll but is remaining on their home country’s payroll system for the purposes of continued pension and other benefit contributions.

Furthermore, UK Tax Authorities have recently been focusing their attention on business visitors coming to UK to undertake work, requiring employers to administer a robust record keeping process for tracking such visits and submit year end reporting in respect of such visitors.

Get in touch – we can help you with your UK and Ireland shadow payroll and UK business visitor reporting needs.


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