UK immigration services

How do I successfully navigate the UK immigration system?

What are the specific Home Office requirements for my employment, business or compliance needs?

Our UK immigration services department understand how important it is that the UK immigration process runs in seamless alignment with hiring and relocation processes. We know that reducing the risk and cost of potential issues from recruitment to deployment in role – for short or long-term assignments, or even business travel – at the agreed business critical time is vital.

As with every country around the world, the UK has its own work permit and immigration rules and regulations. If not handled appropriately this can cause significant administrative problems. It can often be complex and has the potential to be riddled with time delays and inefficiencies, particularly when it comes to document processing, unforeseen costs, or compliance and legal issues. With this in mind, we have developed an immigration practice to deal with just such concerns and designed it to fit the particular needs of the individuals and organisations that work with us.

Our team of consultants are specialists in the field of UK immigration law and fully accredited by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), the UK regulator of the immigration advice industry. We are an experienced team with a wealth of contacts at the Home Office. We liaise regularly to discuss policy matters and immigration related issues on behalf the individuals and organisations we work with. We also regularly host events and clinics in partnership, and invite key stakeholders to roundtable discussions on the latest policy changes, best practice solutions and collaborative approach.

Our immigration services spread across a diverse range of industry sectors and we have specialists for each sector of industry who can provide a bespoke service and understanding of your critical business needs across advertising, technology, professional services, education, banking and financial services, media and entertainment, legal, oil and gas and hospitality.

Whatever an individual’s or organisation’s circumstances, we ensure we take the time to understand so we can help you navigate the system and achieve your employment and business objectives. We regularly undertake policy reviews and enhancements, ensuring alignment with an organisation’s business priorities or talent and skills development strategy, as well as compliance audits or risk reviews, to mitigate risk and cost and implement improvements.

Through our audit, compliance and due diligence services we also assist individuals and organisations to manage their immigration needs effectively and comply with Home Office requirements. For our services to the individual, we have the experience and expertise to handle personal matters and information with the due care and attention that is required.

The range of UK immigration services we offer includes:

  • European applications post-Brexit, and advising on movement within the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as for those skilled workers from outside it.

  • Clarifying visitor or business visitor rules, business travel and passports.

  • Eligibility, initiation, document management as well as full process management.

  • Ensuring employees comply with immigration rules and guidance and processing or providing guidance on UK immigration applications, including visas and work permits, and permanent residence and citizenship applications.

  • Advising on British citizenship, nationality, ancestry and Right of Abode.

  • Advising individuals on the best way to gain permission to work or live in the UK, including the implications of changing jobs or switching categories of stay.

  • Assessing whether a work visa is required for any new hire, the likelihood of obtaining one and the viable alternatives.

  • Advising on, or carrying out sponsorship licence applications under the points-based system for tier 2 (skilled workers) and tier 5 (temporary workers) visas for organisations to recruit non-EEA skilled workers, including interviews with the Home Office and audit assistance.

  • VIP services such as bespoke services for tier 1 individuals (entrepreneurs and investors).

  • Tier 4 student routes.

  • Immigration and technical updates and knowledge management – keeping employers up to date with changes to immigration rules, advising on the implications and helping ensure compliance with government legislation, including the Asylum & Immigration Act 1996.

  • Liaising with British diplomatic posts to submit visa applications overseas and in-country extensions applications.

  • Assignee and family management – facilitating the movement of employees across borders, as well as family entry clearance to the UK.

  • Assisting with applications based on marriage and handling extensions of leave to remain for individuals and stay for dependants.

  • Sample health checks – tracking and reporting start and end dates of visas; case tracking calls and reporting.

  • Administrative review.

  • Government consultation on policy matters on behalf of clients.

  • Providing external training to HR professionals so that clients can build specialist expertise in-house.

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